Wed December 22, 2010

After New START, Arms Control Gets More Difficult

The next nuclear arms treaty will be even harder.

After months of debate and delay, the Obama administration Wednesday secured the two-thirds majority vote in the Senate necessary to ratify the New START arms reduction agreement with Russia.

In a news conference, President Obama said the treaty will cut the numbers of nuclear weapons and missiles and allow U.S. inspectors "back on the ground" in Russia. Obama said the treaty means the U.S. will be able to "trust but verify" and will "continue to advance our relationship with Russia."

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Wed December 22, 2010

Restaurant Owner Uses Robots To Serve Food

China's service economy is still maturing, and restaurant customers complain of bad service. A restaurant owner found an answer. Instead of hiring waiters and waitresses, he installed robots. They serve food while rotating slowly around the room. The upside is that the robots never talk back, and you don't have to tip.


Wed December 22, 2010
Around the Nation

Recycling Worker Tracks Down Heir Of Savings Bonds

Robert Roberts of Florida received an early Christmas gift: $22,000. He has a dedicated recycling plant employee in Kentucky to thank. Mike Rogers at Blue Grass Recycling found 23 U.S. Savings Bonds from 1971 belonging to Roberts' late mother.


Wed December 22, 2010

Votes Should Be In Place To Ratify START Treaty

The Senate votes Wednesday on the START treaty, and it appears there are enough votes to ratify it. The treaty with Russia would cap nuclear warheads and restart on-site weapons inspections.


Wed December 22, 2010

UConn Surpasses John Wooden's UCLA Winning Record

The University of Connecticut's women's basketball team has won 89 straight games -- surpassing the UCLA men's team record for consecutive wins.

In the process, the Huskies defeated Florida State 93-62 Tuesday night in a sold-out arena in Hartford.

Florida State coach Sue Semrau was amazed at UConn's accomplishment.

"It's still impossible to me that it's happened," she said.

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