Sat December 4, 2010

Military's 'Don't Ask' Testimony Won't Be Final Word

It's been an important week -- but not a decisive one -- in the debate over gays in the military.

First, a Pentagon survey of troops found that more than two-thirds of them had little problem serving with gays and lesbians.

Then, the secretary of Defense and the nation's top military officer testified in favor of repealing "don't ask, don't tell," the law barring homosexuals from serving openly.

But Friday, the top generals in the Marine Corps and Army told a Senate committee that they are not ready for change just yet.

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Sat December 4, 2010
Simon Says

Last Dance For A Symbol Of The Joys Of Baseball

Ron Santo was 18 years old and a high school star in Seattle when doctors told him he was a diabetic. They said the future of which he had dreamed since he was a boy -- to play Major League Baseball -- was in doubt. Diabetes would make his blood sugar levels dip, causing him to swoon or even faint, and make his vision blurry.

Almost as an afterthought a doctor added, "If you take care of yourself, though, there's no reason why you can't live another 25 years."

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Sat December 4, 2010

Peewee Powerhouse Grows On A Dangerous Field

A group of volunteer coaches are building a tiny football dynasty in North Philadelphia. The pre-teen players on the North Philly Blackhawks usually play on a dirt field littered with broken glass and rocks, but that might just be the kind of grit that makes them champions this weekend at the Pop Warner Super Bowl.

For many kids on the team, however, playing for the Blackhawks is about more than learning how to play football; it's a chance to connect with the positive male role models they may not have at home.

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Fri December 3, 2010
The Two-Way

U.S. Sends Team To Israel To Help Fight Deadly Forest Fire

The United States is sendingĀ a three-person Forest Service team experienced in aerial firefighting to Israel to help that country with a wildfire that has killed at least 41 people and is described as the worst in its history.

The site ynetnews.com reports that officials in Israel plan a "major operation for Saturday using some 30 firefighting aircraft" to combat the fires that are raging in the country's north.

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Fri December 3, 2010
Shots - Health News Blog

Docs Not Dropping Medicare Patients Just Yet

With all the hand-wringing about big cuts in what Medicare pays doctors, it's no surprise that some have threatened to drop seniors from their patient rosters if Congress doesn't solve the problem.

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