Sat December 4, 2010
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At The White House, It's All Ribbons And Bo

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 10:42 am

A tiny statue of Bo, the Obama's dog, sits in front of a  White House replica made out of chocolate and gingerbread.
Jewel Samad AFP/Getty Images



Ari, before you go, I know we're talking about a lot of serious business, but the White House is preparing for the holidays.

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Sat December 4, 2010
Digital Life

Why No One's Happy With The FCC's Net Neutrality

After years of debate, the Federal Communications Commission is moving forward with controversial rules intended to preserve the open Internet. The FCC chairman outlined the proposals this week and criticism came quickly, from all parts of the ideological spectrum.

Ever since he took the job, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has been promising new rules of the road for the phone and cable companies that provide broadband access, as well as the companies and consumers who depend on it.

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Sat December 4, 2010

Mining CEO's Sudden Exit Follows Troubled Year

Eight months after a deadly explosion at a Massey Energy coal mine, CEO and board Chairman Don Blankenship suddenly surrendered control of the company Friday.

"It is time for me to move on," Blankenship said in a statement issued by the Massey Board of Directors. Neither he, nor the board, nor the company provided further explanation.

The unexpected departure comes amid unconfirmed reports that Blankenship opposed the Massey board's consideration of a sale of the giant Appalachian coal producer. The board had announced that it is exploring a takeover.

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Sat December 4, 2010

Commission's Deficit Plan Is Tough Medicine

After voting on a bold plan to put the nation's finances on sound footing, the president's debt commission adjourned Friday. While the plan won support from a majority of panel members, it failed to get the 14 votes needed to force congressional action.

The White House says it will study the commission's proposal, but the question now is whether Congress can muster the political will to rein in dangerous deficits.

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Sat December 4, 2010

Obama Touches Base In Quick Trip To Afghanistan

President Obama's surprise trip to Afghanistan on Friday was a tightly held secret. Even reporters flying to Afghanistan were given only a day's notice. Air Force One took off in darkness and 13 hours later, landed in darkness. On the flight, White House spokesman Ben Rhodes said the trip had been planned for more than a month.

"The president wanted to find a time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas when he could go out and spend some time with the troops in particular, and our civilians in Afghanistan, basically to wish them happy holidays," Rhodes said.

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