Day Sponsorship

Day Sponsorship

The purpose of a Day Sponsorship message is to celebrate or honor a special occasion or person or to encourage others to support programming on KUNC.  As a day sponsor, you will receive 10 personalized on-air announcements on a day of your choice.  To maintain consistency and ensure compliance with FCC regulations, the following policies apply to Day Sponsorships.

Eligibility Individuals who contribute $500 or $40 per month (or more) are eligible for a Day Sponsorship.  The gift must be received before the Day Sponsorship will be scheduled, except for sustaining members who qualify for a Day Sponsorship. 

Sustaining Members will receive their Day Sponsor invitation in the beginning of January and will be eligible to select any available date within that year.

Leadership Circle Members are individuals who contribute $1,200 or more are eligible to be a Program Producer. These individuals will receive two Day Sponsorships. We do request that they are not consecutive days.  For more information on benefits to joining the Leadership Circle visit

Individuals are not eligible for more than two day sponsorships, regardless of their level of contribution. 

Details Day Sponsorships are available on a first come, first served basis.  We try to accommodate all requests, but encourage you to be flexible and have alternative dates in mind.  To ensure adequate schedule, approval and production time, we require at least 7 calendar days of advance notice for Day Sponsorship messages.  Day Sponsorships must be used within one year of KUNC’s receipt of the qualifying contribution.

Submission of Day Sponsorship Request - When you make your qualifying contribution you are welcome to get started with your Day Sponsor request!

To fill out the Day Sponsor Form visit:

To fill out the Program Producer form visit:

If you prefer a paper form can be sent via mail, please just let us know.

Message Requirements

  • Day Sponsorship announcements must include the first and the last name of the donor.   Anonymous announcements are not permitted. 
  • The Day Sponsorship message must conform to FCC guidelines for public radio announcements, which means they may not include promotional, commercial or controversial messages of any kind.  Language referencing campaigns, candidacies or legislation will not be accepted. 
  • Day Sponsorships need to be written in the third-person and cannot include first-person personal pronoun (I, me, we, us, etc). 
  •  They may not include descriptive or qualitative information or include a call to action.  A “call to action” would be using active voice to request others to attend, contribute, volunteer, etc.  

Message Format   To maintain consistency and ensure FCC regulations, all Day Sponsor messages must adhere to the following format.

1. Day Sponsor messages will begin with the opening statement: “Day Sponsors provide support for a day’s programming on KUNC. Our Day Sponsor(s) for today is/are

Program Producer messages will begin with the same opening statement: “Program Producers are leaders in the support of KUNC programming. Our Program Producer(s) for today is/are”

2. Donor’s first & last Name (To assist our staff, please provide phonetic spelling of commonly mispronounced names or words)

3. Select one:


In honor of…

In Memory of..





In recognition of…

4.Personalize in Fifteen words or less…

Ex: Day Sponsors provide support for a day’s programming on KUNC. Our Day Sponsor for today is John Smith Celebrating Mary’s 50th Birthday Today.

Approximate Airing Times of Day Sponsor Announcements:

Donations Received from Family Foundations or Donor Advised Funds

Gifts that qualify as day sponsorships received from family foundations or donor advised funds through Community Foundations must include the full name of the foundation and fund.

Ex: “Day Sponsors provide support for a day's programming on KUNC. Our Day Sponsors for today is the Mary and John Smith fund at the Anytown Community Foundation celebrating Mary’s 60th birthday.”

Donating Day Sponsorship to an Individual or Non-profit Organization

Members may donate their day sponsorship to another individual or non-profit organization, but the name of the donor must be included in the announcement.

Ex: “Day Sponsors provide support for a day's programming on KUNC. Our Day Sponsors for today are Mary and John Smith recognizing the work of ABC Food Bank in feeding the hungry in our community.”

Business Sponsorship

Use of Day Sponsorships by Businesses is subject to the following restrictions:

  • Only the name of the business may be identified
  • Physical address or phone number are not permitted
  • Description of products and services is not permitted

Example of Acceptable Business Day Sponsorship:

Day Sponsors provide support for a day's programming on KUNC. Our Day Sponsor for today is ABC Company thanking its customers for their patronage.”

Day Sponsorships are not designed to be a communication strategy for businesses. Businesses interested in including KUNC in their marketing plan are encouraged to contact Robert Leja, Director of Corporate Support and Marketing at 970-350-0822 or or for more info visit

KUNC reserves the right of final approval for all Day Sponsorship messages. Please direct any questions about Day Sponsorships to Valerie Ross, Development Associate at or 970-350-0828.