Commentary en Doctors Look For A Way Off The Medical Hamster Wheel I became a doctor to help people.<p>When I was a medical student, I held the naive and idealistic belief that if I just did good work, the business side of things would somehow take care of itself.<p>How wrong I was.<p>Now I'm an internist taking care of all comers age 18 and up. Some days I find myself facing patients and feeling more like a harried airline clerk than a real doctor.<p>I carry a laptop in and out of each exam room, fretting about entering all sorts of data to document the work I do. Wed, 14 Aug 2013 13:34:00 +0000 John Henning Schumann 48337 at Doctors Look For A Way Off The Medical Hamster Wheel The Doctor, An Utterly Millennial Hero The selection last week of actor Peter Capaldi to play the latest Doctor on <em>Doctor Who</em> has made headlines all over the world — and you'd be forgiven for wondering why. It's only a TV show, after all, and it's a sometimes cheesy, often over-the-top sci-fi feature, not <em>60 Minutes</em> or <em>The West Wing</em>.<p>But the Doctor is more than a character on a show that millions love, he's arguably the chosen hero of the millennial generation. Every generation chooses its hero, even the fictional ones. Sat, 10 Aug 2013 12:21:00 +0000 48195 at The Doctor, An Utterly Millennial Hero TV, Movie Streaming Services Want To Grow With Kids Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>Netflix offers children's programs which can be screened on computers or TVs. And it says streaming of those programs goes up over the summer, about 30 percent. It's not hard to figure out why - school's out. Screens are on. This month we're focusing on media for kids, and our media critic Eric Deggans says that Netflix - as well as its rival, Prime Instant Video from Amazon - are both trying to capture a big and growing market.<p>ERIC DEGGANS, BYLINE: There's a secret war brewing for the attention of children everywhere. Wed, 19 Jun 2013 09:14:00 +0000 46010 at Words Of Wisdom For The Graduating Class Of Moore, Okla. High school students in Moore, Okla., will graduate on schedule Saturday, 6 p.m. at the convention center. Even more than usual, high school graduates in Moore may feel that this is a week in which they have, as the phrase from Corinthians says it, "put away childish things."<p>A tornado struck their town and left much of it in ruins. "Just sticks and bricks, basically," said Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin.<p>Twenty-four people — family, friends, neighbors, people they grew up with — were killed. Sat, 25 May 2013 12:31:16 +0000 Scott Simon 44828 at Words Of Wisdom For The Graduating Class Of Moore, Okla. Week In Politics: IRS, Benghazi Emails, AP Phone Logs Transcript <p>AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: <p>And there is much to discuss with our weekly political commentators, E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post and David Brooks of the New York Times. Hey, there guys.<p>E.J. DIONNE: Good to be with you.<p>DAVID BROOKS: Hello.<p>CORNISH: So we've got this trifecta of controversies this week that came to a head in one way or another. We just heard from Peter Overby about the IRS, but there's also Benghazi. The White House released 100 pages of emails revealing the paper trail of edits to talking points for the attack on the U.S. consulate there. Fri, 17 May 2013 20:20:00 +0000 44468 at