Boxing en Don't Overlook The Unsung Umpire; Referees Can Be Pretty, Too Not so long ago, while enjoying a libation in a decorous saloon, the proprietor — who happened to hail from the fabled Windy City — suddenly jarred the genteel assembled by turning on the Cubs game. Just at that moment, a Cubby was heading toward the plate when the throw came in, and the runner (spoiler alert!), being a Cub, was tagged out.<p>Visualize the tableau: The runner. The catcher. But also a third figure: the umpire. And see him now: feet spread well apart, solidly grounded, mask off in his left hand, and his right arm flies up, thumb to the heavens. Wed, 28 May 2014 07:36:00 +0000 Frank Deford 57062 at Don't Overlook The Unsung Umpire; Referees Can Be Pretty, Too Former Heavyweight Champ Wants To Try Shakespeare Mike Tyson tells the New York Daily News he would like to play Othello. Reviews of his acting have been mixed, but Tyson says he could do it, given time to prepare. "They say my skills are horrible," he says, "but I have the natural timing." Thu, 09 May 2013 11:22:00 +0000 44056 at Posthumous Pardon For Heavyweight Boxer Jack Johnson A Bipartisan Effort Transcript <p>AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: <p>Some members of Congress have put aside partisan sparring in defense of a legendary fighter. Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Harry Reid are among those calling for a posthumous pardon for the heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson. Johnson became the first black man to win that title back in 1908. His next win in 1910 sparked race riots and his relationships with white women added to the controversy.<p>Here's actor Samuel L. Tue, 05 Mar 2013 21:50:00 +0000 41096 at Afghan Women Make Their Mark On The Soccer Field Afghanistan first established a national women's soccer team just five years ago, and while they aren't yet World Cup material, they are making strides.<p>Last week, they got a little help from former U.S. Olympic soccer player Lorrie Fair, who staged a clinic in Kabul that was set up by the State Department.<p>Clad in her blue U.S. national team sweatsuit, Fair led the Afghan women through a series of exercises on the tennis court at the U.S. Embassy.<p>"I'm constantly inspired by the things they do, because we're very lucky in the U.S. to have support for women's sports," Fair said. Wed, 28 Nov 2012 10:14:00 +0000 Sean Carberry 36974 at Afghan Women Make Their Mark On The Soccer Field 'Unorthodox' Book Of 'Jewish Jocks' Puts Stereotypes Aside There have been a number of books about great Jewish athletes, starring legendary baseball players like Sandy Koufax or Hank Greenberg, the "Hebrew Hammer." But a new book doesn't focus only on Jewish players — it looks at the myriad ways Jews have contributed to the American athletic landscape. Fri, 23 Nov 2012 08:00:00 +0000 36825 at 'Unorthodox' Book Of 'Jewish Jocks' Puts Stereotypes Aside