KUNC Endowment Fund

Mission and Purpose
The Endowment was created to help KUNC achieve its overall long-term financial goals through long-term investment growth and annual distributions.  Annual distributions from the Endowment funds support KUNC’s programs and operations.  As the Endowment grows, it provides an expanding source of stable funding to KUNC.

KUNC has had an endowment fund since 2000.

The KUNC Endowment is about continuity.  Your gift to the KUNC Endowment is an investment in the future of KUNC.  You can ensure that the KUNC programs and services will be available not just for you, but for future generations.  

The KUNC Endowment is about community.  Your gift to the KUNC Endowment is an investment in Northern Colorado.  You can ensure that KUNC will continue to provide programs and services that meaningful and important to the people who live, work and spend time in our region.

The KUNC Endowment is about quality.  Your gift to the KUNC Endowment is an investment in excellence.  You can ensure that KUNC will continue to provide national and international news along with regional news produced and reported by KUNC’s award winning news team. 

KUNC has two different types of endowments:  a permanent endowment and a board-designated endowment.

Permanent Endowment:
Gifts to the KUNC Permanent Endowment are dedicated to supporting KUNC’s operations over the long term.  The original value of donors’ endowment gifts will be protected so that their gifts to public broadcasting will last far into the future.  The Permanent Endowment Spending Allocation supports the preservation of principal for gifts made to KUNC’s Permanent Endowment while providing annual distributions to support the operations and activities of KUNC.

Board-Designated Endowment:
Legacy gifts made without restrictions will be included in the KUNC Board-Designated Endowment.  Gifts to the KUNC Board-Designated Endowment give KUNC flexibility in future years.  Specifically, it allows the Board, in case of financial emergency, to access the principal for KUNC’s immediate needs.  In addition, the Board may choose to utilize the principal to support significant projects or activities that would greatly further the mission of KUNC.

There are many ways to support the future of KUNC.  Please consider the gift arrangement that best fits your philanthropic goals.

  • Gifts of cash – charitable tax deduction
  • Gifts of stock and mutual funds – charitable tax deduction and avoidance of capital gains tax
  • Bequest – federal estate tax exemption
  • Life insurance policy – current and possibly future charitable tax deduction
  • Retirement account beneficiary – reduce estate tax liability

Please keep in mind that circumstances vary from individual to individual.  Consult your attorney or estate specialist before making final decisions.

For more information about the Endowment Fund, contact Jamie Wood at 970-350-0805 or click here for more information.