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For 20 years, Dena Peterson has been a painter, but two years ago she added a new title: film animator.

Peterson -- along with 124 artists from around the world -- had a hand in creating the film “Loving Vincent,” the first feature-length film to combine live action, computer animation and hand-painted animation.

“I was pretty blown away that I was chosen,” she said.

Lindsy Mann: Structure Films

Bill Nye: Science Guy gets interesting when the documentary turns awkward and disorganized. For a while, the film paints Nye in heroic form. He makes entrances before crowds of adoring fans, who take selfies and marvel that the guy who charmed them with science on television when they were children, is now right in the same room with them.

Photos courtesy of Colorado Senate Repubublicans

New claims of sexual harassment have been brought up at the Colorado legislature involving Sens. Randy Baumgardner and Jack Tate. Both, in comments to us, strongly deny any wrongdoing, although they refused to answer our specific questions directly.

Megan Creeden, an intern who was 25 at the time, told us she had many uncomfortable encounters with Baumgardner during the 2016 legislative session. She said Baumgardner often pressured her to drink with him in his office and she didn’t want to be with him in his office alone because she didn’t know him.

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Colorado lags behind the nation when it comes to recycling. According to a new report, the state’s recycling rate is 12 percent, far below the national average of 34 percent.

“It’s America Recycles Day, but unfortunately Colorado is downright trashy,” said Danny Katz, director of the Colorado Public Interest Research Group. “We might think of ourselves as a green state, but on average, each Coloradan is putting seven pounds of trash a day in landfills.”

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In poll after poll, Americans make it clear: People working together is a good thing.

Collaboration is a lofty goal touted by political and business leaders as a potential way forward on anything from climate change to healthcare to obesity. Drop your weapons, turn your enemies into partners and achieve great things — or so the thinking goes. But collaboration is a concept that sounds great in the abstract and quickly turns messy in practice, with plenty of pitfalls along the way toward a common goal.

Avoiding drawn out fights has always been tough when dealing with water issues in the West.  Collaboration wasn’t always the go-to strategy for environmentalists, political figures and water managers who held competing interests on overtaxed, overdrawn rivers.

But with the Windy Gap Firming Project in northern Colorado’s mountains, old grudges are being put aside in favor of new, collaborative tactics. While some of the West’s oldest enemies are working together, those who feel left behind by all the newfound teamwork aren’t ready to sing "Kumbaya."

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Red Rocks Amphitheater is instituting new ticketing and seating procedures to improve access for fans with disabilities and to reduce ticket fraud.

Beginning with the 2018 concert season, seats in the first four rows -- including the handicapped-accessible section -- must be used by the ticket purchaser. Officials say those seats are the most likely to be purchased by ticket bots and then resold at higher prices on the secondary market.

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On Tuesday state Rep. Steve Lebsock went on the offensive regarding the sexual harassment allegations against him, claiming he was being blackmailed in an effort to force him to resign his House seat.

“This is a story about blackmail and coercion and extortion, is what this is,” he said.

Courtesy of Gov. John Hickenlooper /

Gov. John Hickenlooper is calling for the resignation of Rep. Steve Lebsock following allegations he sexually harassed 11 people, including three who are publicly named, one of them a fellow lawmaker. 

"Now that the facts are apparent, he should certainly resign," said Hickenlooper.

A flood of lawmakers are now calling for the resignation for Rep. Steve Lebsock, a Democrat running for state treasurer, in the wake of our reporting on allegations of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, a second woman has come forward with additional allegations that raise questions about Lebsock’s behavior at the State Capitol.

Steve Lebsock for Colorado State Treasurer

Nine legislators, staffers and lobbyists are alleging that Rep. Steve Lebsock, a Democrat running for state treasurer, harassed, intimidated or made unwanted sexual advances against them. And in response to our reporting, a top Democratic leader is calling on Lebsock to “do the right thing and resign.”