Mon August 6, 2012
Lecture Series

Seminars At Steamboat: John Pomfret
  • John Pomfret - Insights from a China Watcher

Celebrating 10 years of engaging discussions on important public policy issues, KUNC broadcast the second in our lecture series. On Sunday, John Pomfret's lecture was titled Insights from a China watcher.

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Mon August 6, 2012

Minorities To Be Paid In Mortgage Discrimination Suits

Coloradan Davelle Reggans had great credit and no debt when she took out a mortgage on a condo. She didn't receive a good, fixed-rate loan and ended up losing the condo.
Molly Sinnott Colorado Public News

When Davelle Reggans heard that her former lender had settled a federal lawsuit claiming discrimination against African-American and Latinos for $335 million, the story sounded familiar.

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Sun August 5, 2012

Curiosity Landing: "We Are Wheels Down On Mars"

Screencap of Mission Control at the JPL celebrating the landing of Curiosity.

NASA's latest rover, this particular one the size of an automobile, successfully landed on Mars late into the evening Mountian time. Curiosity is safely on the surface and already feeding data back to Earth.

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Sun August 5, 2012
London Olympics

Letters From London: August 5th

The official Nike style manual, don't leave home for the Olympics without it.
Stephen Kasica via Instagram


Sun August 5, 2012

Climbing With Chaos

Unsure of how to pick the hand and foot holds for an indoor rock climb? Try using chaos theory and a computer.
Jessica McDonald KUNC

Rock climbing is not on the list of sports at this summer’s Olympic Games in London. But for many Coloradans, rock climbing is a natural test of one’s athleticism—and wits. For one recent computer science graduate, rock climbing not only got him through school, but it became a topic of academic study.

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