Wed August 8, 2012

For The Rist Canyon VFD, Battling The High Park Fire Continues

A charred power pole on top of Buckhorn Mountain.
Nathan Heffel KUNC

Volunteer fire departments play a vital role in protecting citizens across Colorado’s Front Range. Often the first on the scene, these non-paid firefighters work tirelessly to keep their communities safe.

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Tue August 7, 2012
London Olympics

Letters From London: August 7th

Shalaya Kipp, a CU Olympian, at the Tower of London on a much over-due sightseeing your now that the competition is over.
Stephen Kasica via Instagram


Tue August 7, 2012
Sciencey Stuff

What The Heck Is A Troxler 3430 Surface Moisture Density Gauge?

Screencap from the Troxler 3430 product brochure

That's certainly a mouthful. I’m also insanely curious, because the Denver Post is reporting that one was stolen last week.

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Tue August 7, 2012


Tue August 7, 2012
Craft Beer

Raise A Glass To Colorado's Favorite Business: Craft Beer Sales Are Up

Besty Weber Flickr - Creative Commons

Back in May, NPR's Bill Chappell wrote "It's a good time to brew beer in America." While most Coloradans can agree that anytime is a good time for a craft beer, business can be a little more finicky.

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