Mon April 16, 2012


Sat April 14, 2012

Weekend Audition: A Musical Trip Back to April 1912 ...

At 11:40 in the evening of April 14th 100 years ago, what was to become the world's most memorable ocean liner struck an iceberg which would lead to the great ship sinking within 3 hours.  

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Sat April 14, 2012
Marc On The Blues

The Blues Tonight: Tommy Bolin & Friends

429 Records

This week on The Nine O’clock Blues we’ll take a listen to several leading guitarists as they pay tribute to Sioux City, Iowa’s number one gift to the guitar, Tommy Bolin.

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Sat April 14, 2012
Garden Report

Go Ahead, Get Your Paws Dirty!

Four-legged gardener?
Gopal Aggarwal Creative Commons/Flickr

Mud season can be a pain for those living in the mountains, but it doesn't have to keep you out of the garden. KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton says this is a great time to get a few vital things done before the ground dries out.

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Fri April 13, 2012

Crowdfunding Kicks Off in Boulder

Crowd on the steps of the Treasury

President Obama this month signed the Jumpstart our Business Startups – or JOBS – Act. Part of this new law is meant to help connect investors with small businesses and startups.

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