Mon November 28, 2011

AP: Growing Number of Parents Declining to Vaccinate Kids

Creative Commons

More parents are opting out of school immunizations for their kids, and Colorado is near the top of the list.

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Mon November 28, 2011

TBI Continues to Trouble the Military

The solider readiness center at Fort Carson, CO.
Grace Hood KUNC

In the wake of the 2007 Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal, then President George W. Bush promised the “best possible care” to wounded soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Years later, the military is still struggling to treat and diagnose the most common war wound: Traumatic Brain Injury. 

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Sun November 27, 2011

Not To Be Sneezed At

Dr. Marc Ringel

Sometimes mind over matter is the best defense when it comes to healing. KUNC commentator Dr. Marc Ringel has more.

Should you take Echinacea if you get a cold this winter?  Yes, if you believe in it.

Belief accounts for a significant part of why even the most scientifically grounded treatments work.  It’s called the placebo effect, a fundamental principle of healing.

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Sat November 26, 2011
Weekend Audition

Post-Turkey Treat: DBT, Marling & Adams, and Nataly Dawn

Screencap from "Superman's Song"
Nataly Dawn

Now that you've had two days to work off that extra turkey & sweet potatoes, let's fill up on something that isn't high calorie and slathered in gravy. Tasty tunes including an incredible duet, a cover, and an acoustic tale of Thanksgiving await you...

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Fri November 25, 2011

Northern Colorado Empty Stocking Fund

Northern Colorado Empty Stocking Fund

The fifth annual El Pomar Foundation Northern Colorado Empty Stocking Fund is off and running through Saturday, December 31st. Providing emergency support for everything from rental assistance for persons with disabilities to utility bill payments for families with children, donors have the power to make a difference with a donation to the Northern Colorado Empty Stocking Fund.

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