Thu November 10, 2011

Colorado Senator Wants Foundation for Veterans

Official Photo

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is calling on Congress to establish a national philanthropic foundation for US military veterans similar to a charity program already in place for national parks. 

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Thu November 10, 2011
Listener Home Movies

Dan Braun @ The WC20 Concerts

Dan & Margaret in Philadelphia, taking in some sights in-between the three WC20 anniversary concerts.
Dan Braun

October was a month long celebration of 20 years of the World Cafe that cumulated with a weekend of amazing concerts. KUNC Member Dan Braun won an opportunity to see these shows up close and personal; so we tossed him a camera and sent him on his way. Check out his video from the shows and an incredible performance from Dawes with Mumford & Sons!

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Thu November 10, 2011

EdNews: Teacher Evaluation Rules Approved

Senate Bill 10-191 sponsors (from left) Carole Murray, Christine Scanlan, Mike Johnston and Nancy Spence
EdNews Colorado

The State Board of Education Wednesday approved regulations that will govern evaluation of principals and teachers. These regulations are under the landmark 2010 law requiring annual reviews and that at least 50 percent of evaluations be based on student academic growth. 

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Thu November 10, 2011

Investment Company Scoops Up Office Space at Flatiron Park

A Texas-based real estate investment company has moved into Boulder in a big way, recently purchasing 19 buildings in the Flatiron Park business park. KUNC’s Brian Larson talks with Boulder County Business Report publisher Chris Wood about the deal.

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Wed November 9, 2011

Obama Opens First 2012 CO Campaign Office in Fort Collins

Volunteer Suzanne Trask sets up at Obama's first 2012 Colorado campaign office.
Grace Hood

The campaign to reelect President Barack Obama is officially opening its first office for the 2012 election season in Fort Collins today at 401 S. Mason St. The move signifies the importance of Northern Colorado to Obama’s reelection bid.

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