Wed November 12, 2014
Oil and Gas

Study Finds Shared Chemicals Between Toothpaste, Ice Cream – And Fracking Fluid

A drill rig in Northern Colorado.
KUNC File Photo

Fracking fluid -- is it a dangerous substance, full of secret chemicals and cancer-causing toxins? Or is it safe enough to drink?

A new study from researchers at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado Boulder takes a stab at answering that question. Their take: much of what's found in fracking fluid isn’t all that different from common chemicals found in your house -- and some of it's even in your ice cream.

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Wed November 12, 2014

Migrant Farmworkers Remain Crucial To Harvest

Veronica Jaramillo and her family spent about two months this year harvesting apples in Waverly, Mo.
Credit Esther Honig for Harvest Public Media

On a warm October afternoon Veronica Jaramillo walks through rows of skinny apple trees on the orchard where she works as the sun sinks behind rolling Missouri hills.

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Anne Mostue’s work in radio journalism has taken her from black bear dens in the North Woods of Maine to the streets of Seoul and San Juan. 


Tue November 11, 2014

Political Trends To Watch From Colorado's 2014 Election

Grace Hood KUNC

From a national perspective, 2014 is seen as an election in which voters expressed their frustration with Democratic President Barack Obama and gridlock in Washington D.C., bringing a Republican majority to both the U.S. House and Senate. But in Colorado, the picture is more complicated.

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Tue November 11, 2014
inTune Station Blog

From Neil Best's Desk: A Day To Listen To Your Stories

Did you see the recent Denver Post article about how storytelling is making a comeback with several live events taking place in and around Denver, including the KUNC sponsored Moth Story Slams at Swallow Hill?

Great storytelling is captivating. It can make you laugh, cry, or just think.

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Mon November 10, 2014
Weather Nerding

Winter Shoves Colorado's Mild Fall Away With An Arctic Blast

A map from the National Weather Service in Boulder shows how cold air will spread down into Colorado over the next few days.
National Weather Service

Winter is no longer coming. It's here.

A blast of cold air from the north was pushing through Northern Colorado on Monday, causing temperatures to drop 20 degrees over the course of an hour. The bitter cold is supposed to stick around the state for the next week, with high temperatures staying below freezing through the weekend.

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Mon November 10, 2014
Future Of Museums

How House Museums Are Squaring Don't Touch With Interactive Audiences

The Astor House in Golden, Colorado
Golden Museums

If you've ever been to a house museum (the Molly Brown House for example,) you pretty much know the routine. You take a tour with a docent who explains the history while standing behind a velvet rope looking at pristine historical artifacts. Then you stop by a small gift shop and you're done.

There's little reason to go back. Unless, that is, your Aunt Carol is in from out of town.

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