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Sun October 16, 2011

'The Learning': Foreign Teachers, U.S. Classrooms

Grace Amper came to the United States to teach in Baltimore. She had to leave her son Gadiel and husband Jojo Gonzales behind in the Philippines for the first year.

Paul Flinton Ramona Diaz

When the United States took control of the Philippines at the turn of the 19th century, one of the first things the U.S. did was send in American teachers. The goal was to establish a public school system and turn the Philippines into an English-speaking country.

It worked so well that two centuries later, American schools started traveling to the Philippines to recruit teachers to come here.

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Sun October 16, 2011
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

At Memorial, King's Legacy Remembered

Thousands attended the formal dedication Sunday of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall – an emotional day for those, including President Obama, who came to honor the slain civil rights leader.

As the choir from King's home church in Atlanta took the stage, people streamed into the park, just west of the King Memorial, carrying chairs, cardboard boxes to sit on, and their children. There were tears on the faces of some in the rainbow crowd, and big smiles on others such as Edna Smith Hector, who said she was proud to be there.

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Sun October 16, 2011
The News Tip On Weekend Edition Sunday

The News Tip: Hold On To Your Credibility

The News Corp. headquarters in New York City. The top executive of News Corp.'s Wall Street Journal Europe has resigned over accusations that the paper was involved in a scheme to inflate its circulation numbers.

Timothy A. Clary AFP/Getty Images

News Corp. shareholders have their annual meeting Friday, and they have received outside advice to oust the media titan behind the company, Rupert Murdoch, and his son.

Murdoch is still ducking the fallout from a summer-long scandal with his newspapers on the other side of the pond. The scandal claimed the News of the World tabloid, closed down after outrage over phone hacking by its reporters.

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Sun October 16, 2011
Around the Nation

A March For Jobs In Martin Luther King's Name

Originally published on Sun October 16, 2011 10:53 am

Demonstrators rally under the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

Jose Luis Magana AP

Emerging from the shadow of the Washington Monument, civil rights groups marched to the new Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on Saturday.

The rally, a rainbow crowd dominated by African-Americans, marched for jobs and economic justice on the eve of the new memorial's dedication.

Activist Rev. Al Sharpton said his National Action Network organized the march because the nation has ignored the plight of the chronically unemployed and because lawmakers haven't passed President Obama's jobs bill.

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Sun October 16, 2011

Jobs, Wealth And The Racial Gap

Originally published on Sun October 16, 2011 9:41 am



Roland Fryer studies economic disparities and race in America as an economics professor at Harvard University. Fryer is the recent winner of the MacArthur genius fellowship and he joins us from Concord, Massachusetts.

Roland, welcome to the program.

PROFESSOR ROLAND FRYER: Oh, thanks for having me.

CORNISH: How deep are the disparities between whites and other groups - blacks and Hispanics - when it comes to jobs and when it comes to wealth?

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