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Tue July 26, 2011

High Stakes For Latinos In Debt Talks

President Obama's approval rating among Latinos has plunged since his inauguration, says a recent Gallup poll. Yesterday, Obama spoke to the U.S.' largest Latino civil rights group. To learn about Latinos' priorities and political strategies of getting them addressed, host Michel Martin speaks with the National Council of La Raza's Janet Murguia.


Tue July 26, 2011
Mental Health

When Bigotry Becomes Madness

Christian extremist Anders Behring Breivik has confessed to committing the recent Norway attacks. Did insanity or pure evil trigger his actions? Host Michel Martin and psychiatrist Dr. Carl Bell discuss whether there's a link between extreme racism and mental illness. Bell is among the authors of The Oxford Handbook of Personality Disorders.


Tue July 26, 2011
The Two-Way

Is Your Post Office Closing? USPS Is Studying Shuttering 3,700 Locations

A U.S. Post Office in Bristow, Virginia.
Paul J. Richards AFP/Getty Images

The United States Postal Service announced today it is reviewing 3,700 retail locations across the country for possible closure. (A list is here.)

In a statement, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said customers are not using offices as much as they used to.

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Tue July 26, 2011

In Sweden, A Tempered Approach To Nuclear Waste

Originally published on Thu July 28, 2011 6:13 pm

European geologists have conducted experiments in caverns like this one, at the Aspo Hard Rock Laboratory, since 1995. The Swedish nuclear company SKB hopes to store used nuclear fuel more than 1,500 feet below ground.
Ingrid Becker KQED

First in a two-part series about the long-term storage of nuclear waste. Read Part 2

At least two dozen countries around the globe get energy from nuclear power, yet not one has been able to pull off a permanent disposal site. Finding communities willing to live with such dangerous stuff has been a big sticking point. But in Sweden, two communities have stepped up, and are willing to take the country's waste.

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Tue July 26, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Bowing To Pressure, McDonald's Makes Happy Meals More Healthful

McDonald's cutting down on french fries and adding more healthful items, such as apple slices, to Happy Meals.
Bill Parrish Photography McDonald's

The Happy Meal is headed for a nutrition overhaul.

Bowing to pressure that its kids' meals haven't been healthful enough, McDonald's will downsize french fries and put a fresh fruit or veggie in every Happy Meal.

Apple slices have long been an option with the Happy Meal. But the problem has been that parents have to ask for them in lieu of french fries. That's about to change.

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