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Mon July 25, 2011

Republicans Make Gains With Latino Candidates

Gov. Brian Sandoval, the first Hispanic to win the Nevada statehouse, delivered his victory speech on election night in 2010 in Las Vegas.
David Becker Getty Images

With the 2012 sweepstakes for Hispanic votes under way, President Obama and the Democrats tout a decided advantage. But as more Latino Republicans run for state and local offices — and win — they could persuade Hispanic voters to reconsider their party loyalty.

For many years, the overwhelming majority of Latinos in elected office have been Democrats, due in part to the party's advocacy of social programs and pro-amnesty immigration policies.

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Mon July 25, 2011

A Writer Argues For An 'Islam Without Extremes'

Soon after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, President George Bush argued that terrorists were perverting the Muslim religion. The president said, "Islam is peace." But that viewpoint is often drowned out today. Extremists claim that they represent Islam. And many Americans have come to question the entire faith, seeing it as violent or oppressive.

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Mon July 25, 2011
Krulwich Wonders...

When Does A Person Start To Boil?

Lev Yilmaz

It's hot. I know, I know.

But, have you ever wondered how much heat you can take?

232 years ago, three British gentlemen decided to find out.

They designed a room, sealed it off, and heated it to 211 degrees, that's one degree shy of water-boiling hot.

What would happen, they wondered, if they stepped in and stayed? Could they take 211 degrees? How about 212? How about higher?

At what point does a person start to boil? These were very daring gentlemen. And just to make it more interesting, they brought three other "subjects" into the room:

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Mon July 25, 2011

Florida Fossil Hunter Gets Credit For Big Find

Originally published on Tue July 26, 2011 11:19 am

James Kennedy, an amateur collector, found this fossilized bone with a mammoth or mastodon engraving in Vero Beach, Fla. It has been identified as one of the oldest pieces of prehistoric art in the Western Hemisphere
Chip Clark Journal of Archaeological Science

It's one of the most significant pieces of prehistoric art ever found in North America — a carving of a mammoth or mastodon on a piece of fossilized bone dating back to the Ice Age. An amateur fossil hunter found it several years ago in Vero Beach, Florida. Now, after three years of study, a team of researchers say they believe it's authentic.

Historic Find Sat In Box Under Sink

James Kennedy is quick to tell you, he doesn't know all that much about archaeology — or prehistoric art.

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Mon July 25, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

A Rubber Twist On Treating Tennis Elbow Pain

Larry Holzman does a series of eccentric wrist exercises using a rubber bar called the Thera-Band FlexBar.
Maggie Starbard/NPR

Larry Holzman — avid mountain-biker, skier and guitarist in a band — plays hard. And he didn't want to give it all up due to a "spot of pain" in his elbow. "This wasn't a traumatic injury," explains Holzman. It came on gradually and escalated from annoying to excruciating over the course of a couple months.

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