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Mon July 18, 2011
All Tech Considered

e-Geaux: Social Networking Without The Social Or The Networking

Courtesy of Pepys Inc.

Have you ever wanted to put a Facebook friend on autopilot?

Make them think you care without the time commitment of leaving a meaningful birthday message or the trouble of reading their ranting comments. A "like" here, a comment there — just enough to make it believable?

Well, Pepys Inc. has what you've been looking for. E-Breaux is part of the company's suite of Web solutions called e-Geaux (beta).

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Mon July 18, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Philippines: Geckos Are A No-Go For AIDS

The trade in dried geckos, such as these from Indonesia, is on the rise as demand for their use in medicinal and skin care products grows in Asian countries, including the Philippines.
Ulet Ifansasti Getty Images

Traditional forms of medicine used in China and elsewhere in Asia make use of some wild ingredients — literally — from rhino horn to pangolin scales.

But geckos? Yep, in some places even those lizards, thrust into many Americans' consciousness by omnipresent insurance ads, are used as remedies.

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Mon July 18, 2011


Mon July 18, 2011

Rising Costs Complicate Vaccine Guidelines

The group that advises the U.S. government on vaccination thinks some new vaccines may not be worth the cost.

In 2009, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or ACIP, decided it's not cost effective to routinely vaccinate boys for human papillomavirus, though they do recommend the vaccine for girls. Now the group is struggling to decide whether infants and toddlers should get costly new vaccines to prevent a form of meningitis caused by bacteria.

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Mon July 18, 2011

Weekly Standard: Accusations Left And (Mostly) Right

Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann speaks with Rep. Steve King of Iowa during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday.
Susan Walsh AP

Mark Hemingway is an editorial page writer for the Washington Examiner.

Winning the sweepstakes for the most hysterical piece of political journalism in recently is no mean feat, but I think Joshua Green at The Atlantic might have done it:

Michele Bachmann's Church Says the Pope Is the Antichrist

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