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Wed June 15, 2011
The Two-Way

99-Year-Old Earns Degree, After Quitting College In 1932

Leo Plass.
screenshot KTVZ

Here's today's feel-good story: Two months shy of his 100 birthday, Leo Plass of Oregon received his associates degree from Eastern Oregon University in La Grande. Plass had dropped out of college in 1932.

The AP reports:

Plass says he was less than one semester away from graduating from what was then called Eastern Oregon Normal School and starting a career as a teacher.

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Wed June 15, 2011

Places In Peril: 2011's Most Endangered Historic Sites

Originally published on Wed May 23, 2012 9:45 am

Isaac Manchester Farm in Avella, Pa.
National Trust for Historic Preservation

On Wednesday, the National Trust for Historic Preservation released its latest list of places the trust considers the most endangered in the country. The list of 11 includes a Chicago hospital; a jazz musician's home; and a plant in Minneapolis that was once the world's most advanced flour mill.

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Wed June 15, 2011
The Two-Way

With Government Minders In Tow, A Trip To Al Khoms, Libya

In an effort to show journalists in Tripoli that the Libyan government is still in control of its territory, officials organized trips for separate groups of foreign press. They took one group to the east of Tripoli, the other to the west and one to the south.

NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson was in the group that headed east to the city of al Khoms, some 80 miles east of Tripoli. Soraya reports that their media bus was escorted by police across the check points and she saw no traffic. What she did see were cars lined up along the side of the road, waiting to get gas.

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Wed June 15, 2011

Planned Texas Execution Has Mexico Up In Arms

Humberto Leal Jr., a Mexican citizen, has been on death row since 1995 for the rape and bludgeoning of a 16-year-old San Antonio girl. He's slated to be executed in three weeks. But the Mexican government says he wasn't informed of his rights.
Courtsey of San Antonio Express-News

A planned execution in Texas has the state at odds with the federal government and the International Court of Justice.

The dispute involves Humberto Leal Jr., a Mexican national who was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.

When he was arrested, Leal was not informed of his right to notify his embassy or consulate. Mexico cried foul, the International Court of Justice agreed, and the U.S. government asked Texas to review the case.

But the state has refused and plans to execute Leal in three weeks.

The Case

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Wed June 15, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

U.S. Lags Behind Top Nations On Lifespans

Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Like politics, all health is local.

The expected lifespans for Americans born recently are impressive: 75.6 years for males and 80.8 years for females who entered the world in 2007.

We're living longer than ever. Well, some of us are. But many Americans aren't faring so well.

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