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Sun May 15, 2011
Middle East

Libyan Rebels Go Into The Oil Business

The longer the conflict in Libya drags on, the more important oil becomes. The U.S. and Europe are squeezing Moammar Gadhafi by preventing him from selling oil, and at the same time, they've given the rebels the green light to export oil from their territory. But, as NPR's Martin Kaste reports from Libya, the rebels aren't getting the boost from oil they'd hoped for.


Sun May 15, 2011

For Half Moon Bay: One Step Forward, One Step Back

True to its small town feel, Half Moon Bay hosts the 37th Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off. Here, Ron Root of Citrus Heights, CA celebrates winning first place — with his 1,535 pound pumpkin.
Justin Sullivan Getty Images

Half a century ago, before the picturesque seaside town of Half Moon Bay, California decided to incorporate, residents had to call the county sheriff's office to report crimes.

In fact, one big reason Half Moon Bay decided to incorporate was to have its own police force, says Mayor Naomi Patridge.

"It makes you a city, it really does," she says.

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Sun May 15, 2011
Arts & Life

School Reunions? Nah, I've Got Facebook

No need for name tags and awkward reconnections. Social networks are affecting attendance at real-life class reunions.

Facebook was created for college students to get in touch with each other. It has helped people stay in touch online so well, that it might be hurting attendance at real-world class reunions.

This means the excruciatingly awkward reunion scenes in movies — where the dorks and princesses get together to prove that either they've become cool or are still cool — don't have to happen in real life.

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Sun May 15, 2011
Arts & Life

A Secret, Boxed-Up Bazaar Of Fantastical Things

Box trucks line up as setup begins for the Lost Horizon Night Market in Oakland, Calif.
Shalaco Sching for NPR

In a desolate, industrial section of West Oakland, Calif., the first of 20 box trucks arrives before sundown. A couple of cargo trailers are parked on a street that is home to an abandoned cement factory.

When this Lost Horizon Night Market is in full swing, a bunch of sideshows and art environments will comprise what is essentially an open party for adults in a public place. Attorney Michael Burstein is the self-described cat-herder-in-chief for the San Francisco Night Markets.

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Sat May 14, 2011
Author Interviews

Not Jest For Pun: A Surprising History Of Wordplay

"A pun is notoriously difficult to define, but it's a type of wordplay, and it takes many different forms," says John Pollack. "The most common type of pun is the humorous use of a word in such a way that because of its sound, you can interpret it in more than one way."

The definition of "pun" might be hard to put a finger on, but ask John Pollack, the 1995 O. Henry Pun-Off World Champion, for an example, and he'll have something like this at his fingertips:

"Knock knock.
"Who's there?
"Isabelle who?
"Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?"

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