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Sun August 14, 2011
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After Iowa, GOP Field Gets Reshuffled

Tim Pawlenty's out, Rick Perry's in, and Ron Paul's up, but not as high as Iowa straw poll winner Michele Bachman. And where the heck is Mitt Romney? NPR political editor Ron Elving reveals all to guest host David Greene.


Sun August 14, 2011

In WWII, Reindeer Were Our Animal Allies

Only the U.S. and Britain had fully mechanized militaries, historian Tim Francis says. Most other European allies used horses or donkeys to help move supplies. Or, as in the North, reindeer.

Of World War II's many fronts, the one you've probably never heard about was the theater of war in the Arctic. Combat there centered around a crucial supply route that stretched from North America to the tiny Russian city of Murmansk, across the border from the northern tip of Norway.

"It was not the easiest route," U.S. Naval historian Tim Francis tells NPR's David Greene. And it might have been impossible if it weren't for help from some of Santa's friends.

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Sun August 14, 2011
Arts & Life

New Poet Laureate Philip Levine's 'Absolute Truth'

On Wednesday, the Library of Congress announced that Philip Levine would be the next poet laureate of the United States.
Geoffrey Berliner

"The truth of poetry is not the truth of history," says Philip Levine, the newly-named poet laureate of the United States.

Levine is 83 years old. He grew up in Detroit, working at automobile factories in his youth, and published his first book of poetry in 1963, at the age of 38.

He went on to win the 1991 National Book Award for his collection What Work Is, and the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for poetry for The Simple Truth. His appointment was announced by the Library of Congress on Wednesday.

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Sun August 14, 2011
It's All Politics

Tim Pawlenty Exits 2012 Presidential Race After Poor Iowa Showing

Originally published on Wed August 24, 2011 9:59 am

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty dropped out of the 2012 presidential race on Sunday.
Charles Dharapak AP

Tim Pawlenty made headlines Sunday but not the sort he had hoped to. He announced on ABC News' This Week that he has dropped out of the hunt for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination after coming in a disappointing third in Iowa's Ames Straw Poll.

His campaign, he said:

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Sun August 14, 2011
Music Interviews

The Bottle Rockets: Heartland Tales Of Heartbreak

Brian Henneman and his band, The Bottle Rockets, explore their quiet side on a all-acoustic album.
Eric Sheppard Courtesy of the artist

The Midwestern country-rock ensemble The Bottle Rockets have been playing together for close to 20 years. Along the way, they selected an audacious nickname for themselves — "The Best Band on the Planet" — which they've worked hard to live up to ever since. Frontman Brian Henneman says he prefers that name to the one some fans have settled on: "America's Greatest Bar Band."

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