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Mon April 18, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

How To Stay Out Of Measles Quarantine: Know Your Shots

Maybe Matt Kohlstedt would have been better off sitting near the chatty guy or the crying baby on his flight back to the U.S. from work trip to Germany in late March.

Kohlstedt got an unusual phone call from a nurse at the local health department after he was home in Madison, Wisconsin. Someone seated a couple rows away on his flight from Frankfurt to Chicago was sick with measles.

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Mon April 18, 2011
The Two-Way

Pulitzers: L.A. Times Gets Top Journalism Prize; Jennifer Egan Wins For Fiction

The Los Angeles Times took the coveted Public Service Pulitzer, today. The paper won the prize for its stories about the city of Bell, California and the exorbitant salaries of its elected officials.

In the Fiction category, Jennifer Egan's A Visit From the Goon Squad took the prize. NPR's Lynn Neary picked the book — a series of stories stiched together by fleeting moments — as one of her favorites of 2010. She wrote:

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Mon April 18, 2011

King James Bible, Now 400, Still Echoes 'Voice of God'

This year, the most influential book you may never have read is celebrating a major birthday. The King James Version of the Bible was published 400 years ago. It's no longer the top-selling Bible, but in those four centuries, it has woven itself deeply into our speech and culture.

Let's travel back to 1603: King James I, who had ruled Scotland, ascended to the throne of England. What he found was a country suspicious of the new king.

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Mon April 18, 2011
Around the Nation

Legal Drama Over Gulf Oil Spill Could Last Years

Last year's huge oil spill left an enduring mark on communities along the Gulf Coast. But courts are just starting to turn to the question of who's to blame for the disaster — and who should pay for it.

Hundreds of lawsuits are moving through a federal court in New Orleans; judges combined the cases to make it easier to handle them. Among those suing: restaurant owners, wildlife supporters and families of some of the 11 workers who died on the oil rig.

The Plaintiffs

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Mon April 18, 2011

In Wisconsin, Efforts To Recall Senators Gain Steam

In Wisconsin, the fight over collective bargaining has moved to a new phase: recall elections in several state Senate districts.

On Monday, volunteers and Democratic Party activists filed recall petitions against Republican state Sen. Luther Olsen.

He's now the third Republican in Wisconsin's Senate who will likely face a recall election this summer — and more petitions are expected to be filed against other state senators this week.

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