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Tue April 12, 2011

'O, Miami' Celebrates Verse With A Poem Per Person

Miami is going all out for National Poetry Month. A festival called O, Miami is trying to get every resident in Miami-Dade County — that's 2.5 million people — to "encounter" a poem in April.

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Mon April 11, 2011
The Science Of Japan's Nuclear Crisis

Cleaning Up Fukushima: A Challenge To The Core

The Japanese government raised its assessment of the crisis at the troubled nuclear power plant to the highest possible level.

The rating was bumped up from five to seven on an international scale used to evaluate the seriousness of nuclear incidents.

The move was based on new data on the amount of radiation released in the early days of the crisis, not on any recent change in the plant's status.

The accident in Japan is now in the same category as the Chernobyl disaster in the Soviet Union.

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Mon April 11, 2011
It's All Politics

Mitt Romney Takes Key Step Toward Presidential Run

Mitt Romney drew one step closer Monday toward the full-bore announcement that he's again running for the Republican presidential nomination by announcing he has formed an exploratory committee.

On Twitter Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, said:

"I am announcing my Exploratory Committee for President of the United States."

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Mon April 11, 2011
Shots - Health Blog

Should Ban On Transplants Of HIV-Infected Organs Be Dropped?

If you're infected with HIV, you're no longer automatically ruled out for an organ transplant.

But whether you need a new liver, kidney or other body part, the wait can be a long one. Now some doctors from Johns Hopkins say that ending a ban on the use of donor organs from people infected with HIV could help. A lot.

By their estimate, about 500 HIV-positive people in need of replacement livers and kidneys could get them each year if a law dating back to 1984 didn't forbid their use.

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Mon April 11, 2011

British Newspaper Apologizes For Phone Hacking

Rupert Murdoch's News International company is apologizing to politicians and celebrities who were victims of a phone-hacking scheme centered at the News of the World, one of its most popular papers.

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