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Fort Collins will soon start charging different rates for electricity depending on when homeowners crank the heat or run the dishwasher.

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Larry Probst will step down as chairman of the U.S. Olympic Committee, exiting with a complicated legacy that includes restoring the federation's international reputation while leaving it saddled with as many problems on the home front as he faced when he arrived.

Probst, who announced his departure Monday, will step down at the end of the year, to be replaced by Susanne Lyons, a board member who recently finished serving as interim CEO following the resignation of Scott Blackmun in February.


Colorado's major party candidates for attorney general engaged in their first — and lively — debate over their respective credentials in their race to succeed Republican Cynthia Coffman.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports that Republican George Brauchler and Democrat Phil Weiser challenged each other's experience during the Saturday debate sponsored by Club 20, an association of counties in western Colorado.

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The task of drawing new boundaries for thousands of federal and state legislative districts is still about three years away, yet the political battle over redistricting already is playing out in this year's midterm elections.

North Carolina's congressional elections were thrown into a week of uncertainty when a federal judicial panel raised the possibility that it would order new districts before the fall elections to correct what it had ruled was unconstitutional partisan gerrymandering. It opted against doing that on Tuesday, conceding there was not enough time.

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Dozens of Colorado state and local elections officials are participating in cyber security and other exercises to reinforce the state's voting status as among the most secure in the nation ahead of the November midterm elections.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen praised Colorado as a national leader in safeguarding elections during an address at Thursday's session in a Denver hotel.

Nielsen briefly reiterated her concerns about potential Russian state-led hacking of U.S. elections, particularly of voter databases.

  Recent data shows coal production in Colorado is down.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports figures from the federal Energy Information Administration through Aug. 25 show state coal production so far this year totals 9.3 million tons (8.4 million metric tons). That's down 7 percent from the 10 million tons (9.1 million metric tons) produced during the same period last year.

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Colorado wildlife officials say they decided to euthanize a mother bear after the bruin became a public safety risk near Rocky Mountain National Park.

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The remains of a Marine from Colorado have been identified nearly 80 years after he was killed at Pearl Harbor.

  Water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell are dropping to dangerous levels, reflecting the Colorado River's worsening "structural deficit," scientists said.

Scientists from the Colorado River Research Group said Lake Powell has declined because of extra water releases flowing into Lake Mead, the Arizona Republic reported last week.

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  President Donald Trump on Friday named the superintendent of Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park to head the National Park Service, a job that has been filled on an acting basis for nearly 20 months.

If confirmed by the Senate, David Vela would become the first Hispanic to lead the agency.

Vela is a 28-year career veteran who has worked at parks across the country and was director of the Southeast region for four years.

The agency has not had a Senate-confirmed director since Jonathan Jarvis retired in January 2017, days before Trump took office.