Carrie Saldo

Arts & Culture Reporter

A native of Stamford, VT, I call(ed) the Berkshires of western Massachusetts my home. The Berkshires are a culturally rich area -- I’m talking pass the butter and heavy cream -- rich.

Degrees in English and Theatre from Manhattanville College (thanks mom) have been useful when I need to look good on paper. Toss in life-long dance lessons and two failed attempts at guitar mastery (sorry, dad) and you’ve got the broad brush strokes of how I landed here in Colorado.

I am the arts and culture maven for KUNC, RMPBS, and KUVO, which means I have a business card that folds out. The nuts and bolts of the gig go like this: host the weekly arts magazine television show, Arts District on RMPBS. Report on all things arts and culture for NPR member stations KUNC and KUVO.

Colorado’s arts and cultural scene is robust and diverse, at least that’s what Google tells me, and I suspect that’s the reason the bosses at all three organizations saw fit to craft this Transmedia position.  

Before I packed up my stuff, drugged my cat, and said “Westward, ho!” I was the host, writer, and a producer of Connecting Point, WGBY-Springfield’s nightly magazine program. While there, I busted out my backpack and video equipment to report on some serious stuff, the impact of the 2010 earthquake on a small village in Haiti, and some seriously fun stuff, the 75th anniversary of the Appalachian Trail.

Nitty gritty: More than a decade of journalism experience, first for something called a daily newspaper and then on the airwaves of WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

Shout outs from: the Associated Press and the Edward R. Murrow foundation.



Thu May 15, 2014
Arts District

When You Put The Public In Art, Opinions Go Way Past Yes And No

R&R studios' artist rendering of its public art piece "YES!" The project was scrapped by the city after intense public criticism.
Courtesy City of Boulder

Public art has a long history of sparking controversy. Take the case of the recently repaired Washington Monument in D.C. Now iconic, it weathered funding issues, warring political factions stealing building blocks, and the public rejecting a first attempt.

A proposed art installation in Boulder can now relate to the sting of public rejection.

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Sat May 10, 2014

Photos From The Union Station Transit Center Opening

There are several vantage points from which to spy the existing Union Station facade through newly constructed skylights, window openings and the above around pavilions. This view from tracks 5 and 7.
Carrie Saldo

Union Station was the home Friday for a day-long ceremonial opening, replete with everything you'd expect as Denver celebrated its future transit hub. The day was marked by a ribbon cutting, official speeches, music, games, and - of course - a beer garden.

The design of Denver's new Union Station Transit Center shines light on the daily commute.

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Thu May 8, 2014
Arts District

Over A Lifetime, Art Is Where You Make It. Even A Hotel Lobby

Artist Jess DuBois at work in his ad-hoc studio space - a Ramada Inn lobby on East Colfax Avenue in Denver.
Carrie Saldo, Arts District

Inside the lobby of this particular Ramada Inn, among oversized lounge furniture and decorative plants, are the makings of an ad-hoc studio: A charcoal pencil, an easel, and few clip lights. For now this is artist Jess DuBois’s workplace.

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Thu April 24, 2014
Arts District

Ready For Art From Robo Renoir Or A PC Picasso?

'Emotionally Aware' is among the many works created by The Painting Fool computer program created by Simon Colton.
The Painting Fool

Computers have been designed to take over mundane tasks. But can creative expression be programmed too? A new study found the majority of people think so.

Colorado’s art scene? Not so much.

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Thu April 17, 2014
Arts District

Denver Comic Con Tops Fastest Growing Show List

Denver Comic Con attendees often dress to impress.
John Giez Flickr – Creative Commons

It seems Denver Comic Con and Literary Conference caught on faster than a speeding bullet. In two years, it has soared past all other trade shows making it the fastest growing one in the country, according to EXPO Magazine.

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