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Sun July 21, 2013

Cancer Concerns With Colorado's Drilling, Fracking Boom

As gas and oil drilling are reaching all-time highs in Colorado, drilling is occurring closer to schools and residential neighborhoods, like this one in Fort Collins.
David O. Williams Colorado Public News


Mon July 8, 2013

Coloradans With Disabilities Connect In 'Second Life' For Social, Health Perks

Alice Krueger’s avatar, Gentle Heron. As Gentle Heron, Krueger can dance, ride horses and even fly as she interacts with medical professionals and people with disabilities from across Colorado.
Shelley Schlender Colorado Public News


Mon June 17, 2013

Health Care Hot-Spotting Targets The Sickest Patients

As healthcare costs continue to balloon, medical professionals all over Colorado are increasingly turning to healthcare hot-spotting -- that is, using data to target the sickest patients who are costing the most money via unnecessary visits to the ER, etc
Army Medicine Flickr - Creative Commons

Rebecca Yanes recently joined an elite club. It’s not a club she wanted to join. In fact, it’s one that some health professionals across Colorado and the country are working to shut down.

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Mon June 3, 2013

Medicare's Competitive Bidding To Change Medical Equipment Costs

Beginning July 1, Medicare is switching to competitive bidding in some markets. The move will drive down the costs of commonly used medical equipment like wheelchairs – and save taxpayers and patients billions of dollars.
Flip Schulke U.S. National Archives

Beginning July 1, Colorado patients will start saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars on medical equipment because, after a 10-year delay, Medicare is switching to competitive bidding in the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas.

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Mon May 20, 2013

Stand Up Colorado! Prolonged Sitting May Carve Years Off Life

Kim Roberts, a receptionist with the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, tests out a desk that allows her to stand, rather than sit, at work. The Chamber recently joined a growing trend in Colorado to install healthier workspace equipment for employees.
Gabrielle Pfafflin Colorado Public News

Evidence suggests that people who sit for hours at a time have an increased potential of developing life-shortening diseases.

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