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Fri November 9, 2012

Election Means Health Care Law Keeps Moving Forward In Colorado

David Goehring Flickr - Creative Commons

The election results put an end to the threat of a Republican repeal of the health care law, but not to the public’s emotional response to it.

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Tue October 30, 2012
CO VOTE 2012

Marijuana Possession Arrests Up Despite Medical Cards

Coloradans will decide whether to legalize marijuana on Nov. 6
Stephen Swofford Colorado Public News

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation reports that 10,259 people were arrested in the state for possession of marijuana last year, despite the fact that 100,000 people now have the legal right to use medical marijuana.

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Wed October 24, 2012

44% Of Coloradans Use ER For Non-Emergencies

Stephen Swofford

A survey of 10,000 Coloradans has found that 44 percent of visits to the emergency room are for ailments that could be treated by a regular doctor.

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Wed October 24, 2012

Salt: The Tasty Killer

Lain Watson Flickr - Creative Commons
  • Carol McKinley reports for Colorado Public News

Not many people would pour a teaspoon of salt over their plates at dinner. Yet with so much hidden salt in processed foods, that’s what most Coloradans are eating.

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Mon October 15, 2012

In Fear Of The Health Care Law

Ann Imse Colorado Public News

Voters at a recent rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney cited not just disagreement, but outright fear of the new health care law.

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