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Wed September 26, 2012

Over Before They Started, Colorado’s 1st and 5th Congressional Districts

Campaign bracelet supporting Republican Danny Stroud.
Ben Markus Colorado Public Radio
  • Ben Markus reports on the "safe seats" in this year's congressional race for Morning Edition.


Tue July 24, 2012

Colorado Congressional Delegation Honors Aurora Shooting Victims

C-SPAN screen capture of Colorado Senator Mark Udall speaking on the floor of the US Senate Tuesday evening.
Nathan Heffel KUNC
  • Colorado Senator Mark Udall speaking on the floor of the US Senate Tuesday evening.

Colorado’s congressional delegation led the House in a moment of silence Tuesday on capitol hill to honor the victims of Friday’s shooting rampage at an Aurora movie theater.

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Sat June 30, 2012

Wildfire Losses Likely to Impact Colorado Insurance Market

Damage in Rist Canyon from the High Park Fire, June 2012
Dave Steinke US Dept of Agriculture/US Forest Service
  • Colorado Public Radio's Anna Panoka interviews Carole Walker of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

Authorities say the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs is now the most destructive in state history. It’s burned at least 346 homes so far.  One impact of the huge losses from this year’s Colorado fire season could be felt in the state’s property insurance market.

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Thu June 28, 2012

Winds Fuel Waldo Canyon Fire

View of Waldo Canyon Fire from above 8th Street in Colorado Springs, on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 26.
Dr.frog Wikimedia Commons

The Waldo Canyon Fire continues to rage west of Colorado Springs consuming more than 15-thousand acres.  Containment stands at just 5-percent.  There’s still no word on how many structures have burned, and hundreds of firefighters continue to battle the blaze.

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Thu April 26, 2012
Shots - Health Blog

Colorado Extends Medicaid To Some Adults Without Kids

Originally published on Thu April 26, 2012 4:27 pm

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless runs the Stout Street Clinic in Denver, helped Dale Miller get a CT scan.
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Dale Miller spends his days on the streets of downtown Denver selling a newspaper called The Homeless Voice. He's been having some health problems, but he can't afford to see a doctor on the $10 to $15 a day he makes selling papers.

A local charity clinic called the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless recently helped him get a CT scan at no cost to him. Miller fully understands, though, that someone has to pay for his care.

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