Dave Dennis

Corporate Support Associate

I have been a radio person since childhood.  When other babies cried “waaaaaaaa’ in the hospital, I cried “WAAAAAAAAH” (bold caps = deep voice). The nurses said “Throw that kid in the radio pile”.  
After over 30 years in all areas of the “biz”, it’s an honor to work in Corporate Support with KUNC and help keep this exemplary programming on the air. I have found that many of our “Corporate” Underwriters are local business owners, doctors, and managers of non-profit organizations – and a majority of them are also regular listeners and KUNC members!  It’s wonderful to hear about their favorite programs, and that our listeners seek out businesses that support KUNC.  
In the few hours a day that I am not thinking about KUNC, I volunteer as a Rescue Swimmer/Diver and board member with Larimer County Dive Rescue Team, and enjoy rafting and walking with my wife Joie and two Golden Retrievers Daphne and Phoebe.


Mon July 9, 2012
Parks & Rec

PHOTOS: Spirit Of The Canyon Survives Fire And Flood

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Dave Dennis KUNC

Spirits were high on Sunday at this year's annual whitewater race. The race was run in "blackwater" as soot ran into the Poudre River from High Park Fire burn areas.

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Wed June 13, 2012

Slideshow: High Park Fire Pictures From Buckhorn Mtn.

View to the south of the transmitter site on Buckhorn Mtn.
Larry Selzle KUNC

The transmitter site at Buckhorn Mtn. was threatened by the High Park Fire which started on Saturday. The fire quickly grew and swept the site, knocking out power. KUNC was knocked off the air and county communications moved to battery backup.

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Sun June 10, 2012

Slideshow: Pictures From The High Park Fire

Dave Dennis KUNC

KUNC Personnel had obtained permission to visit our transmitter facility on Buckhorn Mtn. today. They weren't able to make it up to the site, but they did bring back some pictures.

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