Grace Hood


I’ve been a listener of NPR for as long as I can remember. I grew up listening to Iowa Public Radio in Davenport, Iowa, and then tuned in to WHYY when I attended Bryn Mawr College outside of Philadelphia.

I began my career as a journalist in the print medium. As a general assignment reporter at the Boulder Weekly, I covered politics, the environment, agriculture, and sports. I won multiple Society for Professional Journalism awards, including first place honors for Best Political Feature Writing and Best Science/Agricultural Feature.

I began experimenting with sound and radio at my local Boulder community radio station, KGNU. I still remember the first story that I did for the station—about a “weed management” program by the city of Boulder in which it hired goat herders to graze their animals in weed-infested fields. The sounds I recorded brought the story alive in a way I had never experienced before. At that point—the summer of 2007—I was hooked. I had to do more stories for radio.

During my tenure at KUNC, I've been recognized by the Colorado Broadcaster's Association, Associated Press and RTDNA for my radio feature stories. I've received three national Edward R. Murrow awards, in 2010, 2011, and 2012 for feature and investigative reporting. In 2012 I received the Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize.

As a reporter at KUNC, my goal is to bring the voices of ordinary people to the airwaves—not just those of spokespeople or individuals in positions of power.  I look forward to serving the region of Northern Colorado and meeting many of you in my journalistic travels. I also welcome feedback and story ideas, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line via e-mail.



Mon March 28, 2011

Loveland Awaits ACE Announcement

city of Loveland

Loveland officials are anxiously awaiting word on whether the Colorado Association of Manufacturing and Technology will choose their city to be the site of a new technology park.

The city is one of five contenders to submit a proposal for the new Aerospace and Clean Energy Park, in which NASA will also play a part. Loveland has proposed using a vacant 800,000 square foot property that was once home to Agilent Technologies and Hewlett-Packard . The announcement could bring more than a thousand jobs to the area.

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Fri March 25, 2011

Computer Problems Plague DMV

Due to computer problems at the DMV, vehicle owners can’t get their titles in person until Monday.
State of California

Colorado's vehicle title and registration system crashed earlier this week and isn’t expected to be back online until Monday. That means vehicle owners can’t get their titles in person at the DMV today.

The agency says it will start mailing out titles next week when the system is back online. The issue stems from a '80s era computer set up, which has antiquated hardware and software.

“We have to work with what we have,” said Mark Couch, spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Revenue. “And keep making repairs and make sure that it stays up more than it is down.”

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Wed March 23, 2011

As Kids with Autism Mature, So Do Universities

CSU peer mentor Jayne works with Mark, a student with Asperger's Syndrome.
Grace Hood

As the number of people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome grows, more are heading off to college. The influx is creating a demand for services to help students with the neurological disorder graduate, and find work. Colorado State University is one of the latest schools to adopt a transition program. And the school is wrapping up a two-day symposium on the topic today.

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Tue March 22, 2011

Loveland Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Remain Closed, For Now

Rocky Mountain Kind has been closed since the March 1 Loveland ban went into effect.
Grace Hood

A judge in Colorado’s 8th Judicial District decided not to allow three Loveland medical marijuana dispensaries to remain open after the city’s March 1 ban. But a case challenging the ban will continue through the court.

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Mon March 21, 2011

Agritourism Takes Center Stage in Fairplay

A sign on Grant Family Farms property directs visitors to 2010 Harvestival attractions. The autumn festival is one of many ways farmers and ranchers are diversifying their businesses.
Grace Hood

Agritourism is becoming an increasingly popular way for farmers and ranchers looking to diversify their business and make extra money.

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