Kirk Mowers

Operations Manager

I've been with KUNC since 1986. I was first drawn to KUNC because of the diverse music. After spending 15 years on the air as an announcer and working as Music Director, I became KUNC's Content Director. I studied broadcasting and business at Colorado State University, earning my degree in 1980.

Working with the programming on the station is rather like putting together a large jigsaw puzzle where you create the picture yourself. I try to keep the program schedule so that the shows we offer are appealing and important to our audience. There are hundreds of available shows, but unfortunately, we only have 24 hours a day to fill.

I'm a Colorado native, and when I'm not at work I'm often pursuing my favorite hobbies of model railroading or photographing trains.

Ways to Connect

Loveland Youth Gardeners

Loveland Youth Gardeners offers Youth Education Programs focusing on at-risk and special needs students in the Loveland community. Executive Director Alyssa McConkey says that “through gardening the organization cultivates important job and life skills and community engagement in youth facing extra challenges.”

Robert Ashworth / Flickr - Creative Commons

Starting July 12, KUNC's weekend lineup will change with a new focus on music, creativity, and storytelling. Many favorites are moving back to requested times, while we are pleased to announce that KUNC is debuting several new future favorites.

Seminars at Steamboat: Robert O'Harrow

Jan 21, 2014

Robert O'Harrow is a reporter on the Investigative Unit of the Washington Post. His talk is titled "The Threats In Cyberspace."

Beginning Monday, February 4th, evenings are getting a musical boost on KUNC!

KUNC Schedule Changes

Aug 27, 2012

Beginning September 3rd you’ll hear some changes in KUNC’s program schedule.

Program Changes

Jun 13, 2011

Thanks to everyone who’s written me and left comments here on the website about the program changes.  I appreciate your feedback and your passion for KUNC.  Let me say that making any change in the schedule is always difficult.  That’s because there will always be some people excited by the changes and others who are disappointed.  Below is an explanation of why we made the changes we did.

KUNC’s Diverse Music has seen fewer and fewer listeners over the past years.  This also happened during a time when our signal expanded reaching more people.  Quite simply we weren’t seeing the audience grow-- in fact it was shrinking. We saw that a large percentage of our audience was turning to other music stations once Morning Edition was over, so the Diverse Music we were offering was not satisfying what the majority of our listeners wanted.  At the same time more people have been listening to World Café on KUNC.  I felt that it should be in a more prominent spot on the schedule.