Nathan Heffel

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I’ve has always been fascinated with radio, from competing in the 'radio broadcasting' category for my middle school forensics team, to DJ'ing a late night college radio show at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin where I earned my Political Science degree. 

Most recently I was the Public Affairs/ News Manger at KUVO FM as well as the local Denver host of PRI’s “The Takeaway” [a morning news show]. I started my career as an Assistant Producer for the multi-award winning Kelly, Mudflap and JoJo Morning Show on KYGO FM.

I’ve covered many local events including the Windsor, CO tornado, the 2008 Democratic National Convention, and the 2010 Four Mile Canyon fire.  



Tue August 21, 2012


Tue August 21, 2012


Fri August 17, 2012
Reporter's Notebook

"It's A Heck Of A Big Leap For Me." Bruce McCandless, Astronaut

Bruce McCandless and the iconic photo known around the world
  • Nathan Heffel reports from Lockheed Martin on All Things Considered

Astronaut Bruce McCandless has been involved with the U.S. Space Program for decades. He worked in ground control during Neil Armstrong’s first step on the moon in 1969. In 1984, he became the first man to spacewalk untethered in an MMU, or Manned Maneuvering Unit.

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Wed August 15, 2012

Colorado's Poor Forest Health May Fuel Additional Wildfires

Colorado has 22.6 million acres of forest, a third of which has 'considerable health issues.'
halseike Flickr - Creative Commons

A Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee held a field hearing in Colorado Springs Wednesday. The hearing, chaired by Colorado Senator Mark Udall, highlighted forest health issues that remain following this summer’s deadly wildfires.

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Tue August 14, 2012

Udall Urges Passage Of 2012 Farm Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives failed to pass the 2012 Farm Bill before starting their August recess. With the bill expiring in September, will Congress have time to pass the important bill when they return?

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