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Robin Hilton is the producer and co-host for the popular NPR Music show All Songs Considered. He joined NPR after co-founding Small Good Thing Productions, a non-profit production company for independent film, radio and music in Athens, GA. Before that, he lived and worked in Japan as a translator for the government, and taught English as a second language to junior high school students. From 1989 to 1996, Hilton worked for NPR member stations KANU and WUGA as a Senior Producer and Assistant News Director and was a long-time contributing reporter to NPR's daily news programs All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

He's also worked as an emergency room orderly, a blackjack dealer and a fruitcake factory assembly lineman.



Mon November 5, 2012
Tiny Desk Concerts

Jason Lytle: Tiny Desk Concert

Originally published on Thu November 8, 2012 12:58 pm

Jason Lytle performs a Tiny Desk Concert on Sept. 28.
Ryan Smith NPR

Sometimes, it's hard to know what constitutes a band. Billy Corgan wrote and sang all the songs for The Smashing Pumkpins and still records under the name, even though the other original members are long gone. Same deal with James Mercer and The Shins.

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Fri February 17, 2012


Thu August 25, 2011
Tiny Desk Concerts

James Vincent McMorrow: Tiny Desk Concert

Originally published on Thu August 25, 2011 7:00 am

Emily Bogle NPR
  • Audio Only: James Vincent McMorrow's Tiny Desk Concert

Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow has one of the most arresting voices of any young singer you're likely to hear this year: He's got the heartbreaking falsetto of a Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and the raspy soul of a Ray LaMontagne, in a way that sounds both fragile and grand.

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Mon March 21, 2011
First Listen

First Listen: Peter Bjorn And John, 'Gimme Some'

Audio for this feature is no longer available.

Writer's Block, the 2006 album by Swedish pop trio Peter Bjorn and John, was easy to like. Ridiculously catchy, not least for the whistled refrain on "Young Folks" (which you likely know cold even if you've never heard of the band), the album won them legions of fans. That's what made the group's next move such a surprise.

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Tue March 8, 2011
All Songs Considered Blog

Exclusive Premiere: New Music From Broken Bells

If I picked my number one album of any given year based solely on how many times I played it, the self-titled debut from Broken Bells would have been light years ahead of everything else I listened to last year. One of the most infectious releases of 2010, Broken Bells perfectly pairs The Shins frontman James Mercer's falsetto with the elegant but quirky sonic sensibilities of ├╝ber-producer Danger Mouse (Brian Burton).

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