Stephanie Paige Ogburn


Stephanie Paige Ogburn has been reporting from Colorado for over five years, primarily from the Western Slope.

She was previously a reporter at ClimateWire, an editor at High Country News and a reporter at the Cortez Journal. Now based in Denver, Stephanie is enjoying the many amenities of city life, and getting used to traffic. When not reporting, she enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, growing food, cooking, and spending time with her family. 



Sat August 30, 2014
Weather Nerding

Rainy Colorado Summer Likely To Turn Into Wet Autumn

The last 90 days of rainfall as a percent of normal shows parts of Northern and Eastern Colorado have been getting more rain than usual.
Credit National Weather Service


Thu August 28, 2014

Coloradans Love Their Politically Purple State

Coloradans love their state in part due to its great access to places like Rocky Mountain National Park, shown here.
Frank Kovalchek Flickr-Creative Commons

If you live in Colorado and also think it's a great place to call home, you're not alone.

A new Gallup Poll shows that Centennial state residents rank their home as one of the better states to live in, and most of them don't want to leave.

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Wed August 27, 2014

Citizens Ballot Review Gets Test Drive With Colorado GMO Label Measure

An car decorated with an anti-GMO message at a rally in Washington, D.C.
Daniel Lobo Flickr-Creative Commons

Colorado voters will have extra help making up their minds about a ballot initiative to label genetically modified foods.

A new effort, the Colorado Citizens Initiative Review, will produce a voter guide on Proposition 105, a ballot measure that proposes labeling foods containing genetically modified ingredients. The review is a pilot project aimed at helping voters better understand complicated ballot measures.

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Tue August 26, 2014

In Colorado, Conversation About Lawn Water Use Begins

Colorado water experts are discussing how much water should be used for watering new lawns.
Robert Couse-Baker Flickr-Creative Commons

As Colorado plans for a future with more people and less water, some in the world of water are turning to the problem of lawns.

In the 2014 legislative session, state senator Ellen Roberts (R-Durango) introduced a bill [.pdf] that would limit lawns in new developments if they took water from farms.  Although the bill was changed dramatically before it passed, that proposal opened up a statewide conservation about how water from agriculture and the Western Slope is used – particularly when it is growing Front Range grass.

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Mon August 25, 2014

Solar For The 99 Percent

Volunteers Ken Weisbrod, right, and Abdourazak Yonis measure a roof for a Grid Alternatives solar installation.
Stephanie Paige Ogburn KUNC

In southwest Denver, just blocks off a stretch of West Evans Avenue liberally dotted with auto repair shops and paint stores, a ladder stretches up the side of a small, one-story tan house. Workers atop the roof wield tape measures and oil crayons, calling off numbers and making marks outlining a setup for solar panels.

The house belongs to Erika Caraveo, a short, soft-spoken woman who offers child care services as her main means of income. Normally, Caraveo couldn't afford the cost of a solar installation.

"I'm the only one paying the bills. I'm a single mom," she said.

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