Tue September 6, 2011

17th Biennial Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition at CSU

Later this month 90 artists from more than 30 countries will have their work showcased at Colorado State University.  It’s part of a 32 year-old exhibition at the school.

The 17 biennial Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition is the only one of its kind in the U.S.  It’s not a traditional juried show where anyone can send in work; the artists are contacted directly.

“We ask a certain number of artists to submit what they think is their best work over the last two years,” says John Gravdahl, professor of graphic design in the art department at CSU. 

This is work that showcases high quality graphic design of posters. 

“These are images that are meant to communicate particular ideas or messages to the audience – for instance it would be an announcement for an opera or a play, more often it’s going to be social context,” says Gravdahl.

Artists from all over Europe, Mexico, India and other places will have work featured in this year’s exhibition. It opens Friday September 16 on the CSU campus, and will feature this year’s honoree, Italian artist Leonardo Sonnoli.

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