Tue August 28, 2012
Aurora Theater Shooting

Aurora Theater Shooting Victims Angry Over Fund Management

Tuesday's press conference held by family members of victims of the Aurora Theater shooting charged that funds aren't being distributed quickly enough. Additionally, the family members say that the victims don't have any say in the process.

Of the estimated $5 million collected for the victims fund, only a few checks in the amount of $5000 have been distributed. Our colleagues at Colorado Public Radio reported that Tom Teves, the acting spokesman for the group, had this to say:

"This is the worst thing that’s ever happened in any our lives.  Our loved ones are either dead, injured, they never will be the same again, and we have to stand up and fight for the money that, say, Warner Brothers gave in our behalf?"

The Denver Post has more from Teves:

"I am certain that the public intended 100 percent of those donations to go to the families of victims, and to use that money to help the healing process," Teves said.

Teves said the families expected the victims would be defined as anyone in the theater or in the building where James Holmes lived and allegedly rigged his own apartment with explosives

"Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case," Teves said

The families have called upon Governor Hickenlooper to follow through on pledges to help the victims, they are also seeking a say in how funds are distributed.