Sat June 30, 2012

Bellvue Mail Service Affected by High Park Fire Resumes

Besides the horrific destruction of property, the High Park Fire also impacted mail delivery for many living in the fire zone.

Postal carriers weren’t able to reach more than a thousand residents because of evacuations and roadblocks.  

But Friday and over the weekend, the USPS was able to resume service to most addresses in Bellvue.

“You know, for hundreds of people – this is their lifeline," says David Rupert, spokesperson for the USPS in Colorado. "It’s their medications, correspondence, documents, insurance paperwork, checks. So this is kind of a resumption of life back to normal.”

Rupert says the postal service will be helping those affected by the High Park and Waldo Canyon fires with change of address forms, post office boxes, and other needs in the coming weeks.

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