Wed September 14, 2011

Bennet Calls for Harsher Penalties on Counterfeit Drugs

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet says prescription drugs are not as safe as they should be. And part of the problem begins overseas.

80% of the ingredients found in prescription drugs are imported. Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) says existing laws and regulations do not protect Americans from potentially lethal bad medicine.

“The idea that the penalty for counterfeiting drugs is lower than the penalty for counterfeiting a DVD just doesn’t make any sense to anybody living in Colorado and it shouldn’t.”

Bennet is a member of the Senate’s health committee which held a hearing on Wednesday about how to better protect prescription drugs. An FDA deputy commissioner told the committee that Congress has not given regulators the authority to block overseas drug shipments from companies that refuse inspection.

Bennet is calling on Congress to give the FDA muscle to keep suspect drugs out, establish harsher penalties and develop a uniform drug monitoring system.

Patrick Terpstra – Capitol News Connection.