Mon September 24, 2012
Weekend Rewind

Best Of The Weekend: Words, Wonders, And More

How about we hold on to the weekend just a little bit longer? Mondays don't have to be all bad, here's what you missed while you were away from your screen enjoying the weekend.

  1. POLL: Boulder Debates Making Pearl Street Mall A No-Smoking Zone
    The 'yes' outweighs the 'no' so far in the poll. You can even tack on two more 'yes' votes from our facebook page. In an age when there is a libertarian streak in politics, are you in favor of the proposal?
  2. Mumford & Sons: Finding Balance In 'Babel'
    The follow up to Sigh No More couldn't get here quick enough for fans. (They won't have to wait much longer, the forthcoming Babel hits shelves on Tuesday.)
  3. Gherkin, Diphthong, Hornswoggle And Kerfuffle: Best Words Ever?
    Personally, I would go with antidisestablishmentarianism, but we also had a vote for cthonic. Sound off in the comments, what's your best word ever?
  4. Colorado's Unemployment Higher Than National Rate
    The top news item from the weekend. The good news, the rate was down from July. The flipside of that...
  5. The Haunted Life Of Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini
    I'll admit to a soft-spot for the storied history of boxing. Ray Mancini had it all, son of a contender, the nickname, and the skills. He had it until he knocked an opponent down and he didn't get back up. "After that fight, I became the poster boy for everything that was wrong with boxing."