Sun February 17, 2013

Capitol Conversation: Could ‘Fracking’ Divide Democrats In The Legislature?

Governor John Hickenlooper has been criticized for telling members of Congress last week that he once drank flack fluid. The governor was touting the state as a model for balanced energy rules.

Many Democratic state lawmakers say new rules increasing the setback distance between drilling and homes are still too lenient.

Bente Birkeland reports on how 'fracking' could divide state lawmakers more than the issue of gun control

"If there's any one thing that splits the Democrat Party this year, it's not going to be education like it has been in previous years, it's not going to be gun bills, I think it could be oil and gas." Joe Hanel - Durango Herald

KUNC’s State Capitol reporter Bente Birkeland talks with fellow statehouse reporters about the issue that some say could divide the legislature more than the current gun debate.

Credit Photo by Kirk Siegler