Thu August 11, 2011

Cities Make Progress on 2020 Emissions Reduction Goal

Colorado cities are making progress toward a 2007 carbon emissions goal set by former Governor Bill Ritter.

The so-called Colorado Climate Action Plan aims to reduce the state’s footprint 20 percent by the year 2020. Fort Collins is reporting an 11 percent drop between 2005 and 2010.

“You could look at our progress and say we’re over halfway there, only nine [percent] more to meet the goal,” said Lucinda Smith with the city’s Environmental Services Division. “But we’re likely to have continued growth so it will take continued focus and work to make progress on this.”

Smith says the city’s energy efficiency programs and the net zero energy district FortZED have helped Fort Collins stay on track–even with a 13 percent increase in its population during the same time period.

Efforts in the cities of Aspen and Boulder—along with Fort Collins—were cited in a report by the group Local Governments for Sustainability.