Mon February 11, 2013

Civil Unions Legislation Clears Colorado Senate

The Democratic controlled Colorado Senate has passed legislation to create civil unions for same-sex couples. Unlike last year, the measure’s passage is all but certain this session.

The bill was voted on and passed with little fanfare today. On Friday, Lawmakers spent several hours debating the legislation.

The bill’s co-sponsor, Democrat Pat Steadman of Denver, says civil unions aren’t just equal rights for gay and lesbian couples. He says it’s also about the worthiness of people’s lives, loves and dignity.  Democratic Senator  Lucia Guzman of Denver, the bill's other sponsor took to twitter today.

Opponents of civil unions, including most Republicans in the Colorado legislature worry civil unions will violate the traditional family structure.

Senator Ellen Roberts of Durango was the only Republican to join all of the chamber’s Democrats with a yes vote.

The Democratic controlled house will take up the bill next week. Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper says if the civil unions legislation reaches his desk he will sign it into law.

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