Mon April 29, 2013

Colorado Is The 8th Friendliest Small Business State

Colorado is one of the friendliest states for small businesses in the nation according to a survey by the Kauffman Foundation in partnership with Thumbtack.com.

Out of 41 surveyed, Colorado is ranked as the 8th friendliest state. That's an improvement from last year when Colorado was ranked 13th nationally. That rating came after receiving a B+ for friendliness.

Screencap of the 2013 Colorado's Small Business Friendliness map
Credit Thumbtack.com

The 262 Colorado business owners surveyed this year ranked the state highest in the categories involving ease of hiring as well as training and networking programs offered. Colorado ranked lowest in the health and safety and environmental categories.

This year’s survey also ranked major U.S. cities including both Colorado Springs and Denver.

Colorado Springs ranked 4th out of the 57 cities surveyed nationally, and tops in the state. The city received high marks in almost every survey category adding up to an A+ overall for small business friendliness.

Denver ranked 13th out of 57 cities nationally receiving an A- rating. Denver ranked high in ease of starting a business, tax code and licensing, but low in health and safety, environmental and zoning categories.

Screencap of the U.S. Cities Small Business Friendliness nationwide map
Credit Thumbtack.com

Comparing to other western neighbors, the state of Colorado ranked higher than New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona. Utah bested the Centennial State with an A+ ranking and Colorado tied with Kansas.

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