Fri November 11, 2011
Colorado Veterans

Colorado-Based Nonprofit Gives Returning Veterans New Skills

This week, the Obama administration has been pushing a package of initiatives to help military veterans transition to civilian life.  In Denver, one national nonprofit is already working to address high jobless rates for returning service members.

Veterans Green Jobs works with the Governor’s Energy Office to train veterans for work in weatherizing homes and other clean energy fields. 

What distinguishes it from other job assistance initiatives is the commitment to work with the business community to improve hiring and retention rates, says Director of Transition Programs Garett Repenhagen.

“We’re looking for employers that not only will hire our veterans individually, but also join a community of companies who are really willing to step forward and say they’re a veteran-friendly hiring company,” he says.

The Denver Department of Human Services recently awarded Veterans Green Jobs a $100,000 grant. It will be used to place ten qualifying veterans into a program to develop their skills to find work in Colorado’s growing clean energy sector.