Tue July 24, 2012

Colorado Congressional Delegation Honors Aurora Shooting Victims

  • Colorado Senator Mark Udall speaking on the floor of the US Senate Tuesday evening.

Colorado’s congressional delegation led the House in a moment of silence Tuesday on capitol hill to honor the victims of Friday’s shooting rampage at an Aurora movie theater.

Representative Ed Permutter – whose district includes Aurora – thanked lawmakers for their condolences and sympathy in the aftermath of the shooting that took 12 lives and injured dozens.

“It hurts.  We all hurt. But we're resilient, and we will get through it, and the stories that some of those who are injured are sharing actually really do lighten the day.”

Tuesday evening in Washington, Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall of Colorado honored the shooting victims in a speech on the Senate floor.Standing next to a photo of the 12 victims, Senator Udall said the country will never forget those lost.  

“We can truly learn from those who selflessly gave of themselves during the chaos of the Aurora shootings, and draw from it the strength to be better people, better family members, and yes, even better legislators.”

The entire Colorado Congressional Delegation introduced a resolution Tuesday honoring those impacted by Friday’s shooting. It should be voted on by the full House and Senate this week.