Tue April 17, 2012

Colorado Dems Support Amendment 64

Legalization in the state of Colorado continues to inch forward. The group seeking to legalize and regulate marijuana like alcohol, Campaign To Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol, got backing from the Colorado Democratic Party.

From our partners at Colorado Public Radio this morning:

A ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Colorado has the support of the state's Democrats. Delegates to the party’s state convention this weekend moved to support Amendment 64.  State Party Spokesman Matt Inzeo says the Democrats stopped short of formally endorsing the proposal, but it's now one of many issues on the party’s platform.

Matt Inzeo: 

If voters approve the amendment in November, marijuana would be legal for Colorado adults over 21.  The measure would set up systems for retailers to sell the drug and for the state to tax it.  A marijuana legalization measure failed in Colorado six years ago. 

The support comes in the form of a platform plank and specifically states:

Item 17: Regulate and tax marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol, limiting its use to those 21 or older. We support Amendment 64, the initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol.

As reported, the plank was one of 428 that were adopted by the Colorado Democrats.

The Campaign To Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol was quick to embrace the official support from the Colorado Democrats. Official party support is just another example of the quickly changing public opinions around marijuana in the Centennial State. Other proponents of regulation like alcohol include Pat Robertson as well.