Sat December 1, 2012

Colorado Gives Day: An Online Fundraiser For Nonprofits

The 24-hour online fundraiser to benefit Colorado nonprofits kicks off at Tuesday. More than 1,000 organizations across the state are participating in Colorado Gives Day.

Judy Knapp is president of the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County, and an organizer of the event. Knapp says all credit card fees will be waived on December 4th ensuring that 100 percent of all online donations go directly to the nonprofit of choice.  

“An online gift, I can do this gift in my pajamas at 6 in the morning.  And it’s just real easy to remember to do and one time and you’re done. So it’s not like I open the mail I intend to make a donation to my favorite charity. I set that letter aside and forget it’s there. And then all of a sudden 2 or 3 weeks later when I’m finally cleaning off the clutter on my counter and I say, 'uh oh I was going to support this organization'.”

Last year, nearly $12.5 million was raised statewide on Colorado Gives Day. Knapp says $116,000 dollars of that went to nonprofits in Weld County. She says the hope is to exceed that amount this year.

"They wanted it toward the latter part of the year because a lot of people do end year gifts. And this is early enough in the season to give people the opportunity to say wow I can get this done this early and focus on my Christmas shopping or whatever other activities they’d like to do in the month of December."

This year, 16 nonprofits in Weld County are participating.

The third annual Colorado Gives Day begins at 12 a.m. Tuesday Dec 4.