Wed June 1, 2011
State Capitol

Colorado the Latest State to Set Up Health Exchange

Governor John Hickenlooper signed a healthcare exchange bill into law on Wednesday. The measure was one of the most high profile healthcare bills to pass the state legislature during the session.

Senate bill 200 was a top priority for the state’s business community and healthcare advocates, bringing together a broad coalition of supporters. Under the new law Colorado would create a healthcare exchange for small businesses and individuals.

“And we’re going to do it in such a way that really helps small business, and large business but helps the business community control costs – at the same times expands access and allows a greater percentage of our population to be covered under healthcare,” says Governor Hickenlooper.

The bill had bi-partisan support but was almost derailed in the Republican controlled House when Tea Party groups lobbied against it. The exchanges are a key part of the federal patient protection and affordability act, but many in the business community have been lobbying for it for years, saying it’ll expand the risk pools and lower costs.