Tue March 22, 2011

Colorado Law Allows DUI Task Force to Continue its Work

Governor John Hickenlooper has signed into law a measure that keeps the state’s Interagency Task Force on Drunk Driving going.

The task force is comprised of numerous agencies across Colorado, including public defenders and prosecutors, the Licensed Beverage Association, law enforcement and others.  The task force is involved in the heat is on campaigns to crack down on drunken driving. 

“The heat is on is the public awareness, high-visibility enforcement that law enforcement and safety advocates are involved in, but there are a lot of other different issues and programs going on throughout the state that are part of that DUI Task Force effort,” says Colorado Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Heather Halpape.

The task force also examines better treatment options for offenders, prevention efforts and provides funding and training for law enforcement efforts to crack down on impaired driving.  Without Senate Bill 93, approved this year, the task force would have basically expired.  The law allowing them to continue their work went into effect immediately.

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