Mon July 29, 2013
Gun Control

Colorado Seeing Surge In Demand For Concealed Carry Permits

The number of people getting permits to carry concealed weapons in Colorado has jumped dramatically this year.

During the first six months of 2013, the number of people seeking permits went up 87 percent compared to last year.   

Between January and June almost 32,000 background checks were processed for concealed-carry permits by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. During the same period last year, less than 17,000 were processed. 

Those seeking concealed carry permits must first become certified and undergo a background check. Lawmakers this year also approved a measure barring online-only certification.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint a reason for the sizeable uptick, the Denver Post reports some people are buying guns to be prepared for potential disasters, while others are concerned about new gun laws being passed as a result of recent shootings. 

Gun control proved to be a very divisive issue at the state capitol this year. Two Democratic lawmakers were targeted for recall over their support of Colorado's gun control measures. State senators John Morse and Angela Giron are facing recall elections Sept. 10.